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Jiangxi Aifeimu Technology Co.,Ltd. with Dapoxetine series, Atorvastatin Calcium, Fluvastatin Sodium, Rosuvastatin Calcium, Pitavastatin Calcium...


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  • CPHI 2019 in 18th-20th JUNE SHANGHAI CHINA Expo NO.:E6D72
  • API 2019 in 8th-10th MAY HANGZHOU CHINA Expo NO.:1DP03
  • CPHI 2019 in 12th-14th MARCH Bangkok Thailand Expo NO.:A3
  • CPHI 2018 in 12th-14th December Delhi India Expo NO.:2B30
  • API 2018 in 17th-19th October NANJING CHINA Expo NO.:8M10
  • API 2018 in 11th-13th Apirl Shanghai Expo NO.:7.2 S38


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